Established in 1987, the Duke University Cooperative Cardiovascular Society, DUCCS, is a society of current and past Duke Faculty members, fellows of Duke’s Cardiovascular Diseases Training Program; and elected sponsored expert clinical educators and investigators. DUCCS is based within the Duke University Medical Center Heart Center, and Department of Medicine, Division of Cardiology.

The purpose of DUCCS is to enhance the professional careers of its members through collaborative efforts in cardiovascular research and continuing education.

DUCCS supports the scholarly interests of its members by providing research and educational programs. DUCCS also serves as a resource for fellows graduating from Duke Cardiovascular Fellowship Training who are interested in developing their own clinical research and/or education programs. We are:

  • A clinical research network comprising Duke Cardiology fellowship and faculty alumni, alumni associates, and active cardiology faculty.
  • Clinical and academic physicians interested in clinical research.
  • An international community of clinicians in 45 states and 16 countries.
  • A university without walls.

DUCCS is governed by a Board of Directors, with an administrative office housed at Duke. Rules of operation are laid out in the DUCCS Constitution.